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No need for a name change after Florida Hildebrandt divorce

The Internet has become more than an information source. Dating and social media websites have opened the door to long distance dating and serious affairs. Untold numbers of marriages and divorces have played out in the virtual world without a lot of notice. One online couple's relationship was vaulted to celebrity.

Kelly Hildebrandt, a Florida woman, met Kelly Hildebrandt, a Texas man, on Facebook. The spark that started it all was the pair's identical names. A message turned into a fast-burning romance, nationwide publicity, a 2009 marriage and a Broward County divorce.

The Florida Kelly Hildebrant initiated the relationship by sending a Facebook message to the Texas Kelly Hildebrant noting the obvious common ground. The chatting began.

As the relationship bloomed, the media noticed. By the time the Hildebrants met in person, newspapers were reporting the couple's progress. Photographs of the couple's wedding in Oct. 2009 were featured in People magazine.

The Texas husband pulled up roots and moved to Florida, where the Hildebrants resided for nearly three years before filing for divorce. The divorce petition claiming irreconcilable differences was entered into Broward County court last summer.

The male Kelly Hildebrant moved back to his home state, a "world" the husband said was decidedly different from the one where the couple lived after marriage. He still has a Facebook profile. His soon-to-be ex-wife apparently does not.

The invasive eye of the media followed the Hildebrants relationship through engagement and marriage. Their breakup ends an Internet love story but not without making short-term news headlines.

Reports of the couple's breakup did not include any terms of property division. It's not clear whether the high-profile Hildebrants had a high-asset lifestyle. Who knows what the couple might have been paid for the magazine's display of wedding pictures?

Stories did not report whether the pair signed a prenuptial agreement, a contract that attorneys often advise to prevent future property disputes.

Source:, "Facebook couple ends marriage: Kelly Hildebrandt and Kelly Hildebrandt file for divorce," Noor Javed, Jan. 14, 2013

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