High-Net-Worth Divorce

Affluent couples face unique challenges during the divorce process — they often must address complex and difficult issues that do not affect middle-class and low-income households. Protecting your assets and your personal property is essential, and is something best accomplished with the help of an experienced, knowledgeable high-net-worth divorce attorney on your side.

Board-Certified Family Law Specialist: Serving Broward County

Since 1984, I have helped many wealthy individuals successfully get through even the most complex divorce cases with my family law experience. I am recognized as a certified specialist in family law — a title granted by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization and Education — due to my extensive knowledge and expertise in family law practice. I am committed to providing excellent client service and strive to obtain the best possible outcome for every client I serve.

Contact my Broward County high-net-worth divorce law office online to schedule an initial consultation. You may also call us at 954-474-9500 to learn more about my property division and asset protection services.

Asset Valuation and Discovery Attorney

Properly valuing assets is very important in an affluent couple’s divorce. Florida law dictates that property be divided equitably, not equally. This means that property division is accomplished by determining what is fair under the circumstances. In order to accomplish this, I work with a team of experts, including business valuation experts, taxation specialists, accountants and more to ensure my clients receive fair compensation during a divorce.

Additionally, divorcing spouses might try to hide valuable assets from one another to recoup the asset at a later time. I do not allow this to happen. I work diligently to uncover hidden assets, including:

  • Recently purchased items, such as antiques or valuable collectibles
  • Underreported income
  • IRS overpayments (to recoup a refund following the divorce)
  • Salary deferments or the withholding of bonuses/commissions
  • Phony debt
  • Fake custodial accounts
  • Stock transfers
  • Many others

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