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When two people are engaged in the process of ending their marriage, protecting the best interests of the children is almost always the most important issue for each of them. Unfortunately, because this is such an emotional issue, it is not always easy for the divorcing spouses to find common ground as to what exactly those best interests are.

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Two Types of Child Custody

In Florida, child custody comes in essentially two forms: parental responsibility or decision-making and physical custody.

Parental responsibility refers to a parent’s right to make decisions regarding a child’s health, education, general welfare and other related matters. It can come in the form of shared parental responsibility, allowing and requiring both parents to work together to make these decisions. It can also come in the form of sole custody, meaning one parent makes all the decisions.

Physical custody is related to where the child resides. In joint physical custody, the child resides with both parents on a rotating basis, although not necessarily for an equal amount of time. In sole physical custody, the child lives with one parent, while the other may have child visitation rights.

As your lawyer, I will explain the child custody process and these options to you in detail. Then I will provide you with an honest assessment of the chances we have to achieve your goals.

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