Divorce and Inheritances

During a divorce, inheritances are treated much differently than other property. While other property is typically subject to the rules of equitable distribution, inherited money, real estate and other property are not. In theory, the law allows you to protect your inheritance from the divorce process.

I am here to see that the theory is put into practice. This can be a challenge. If your inheritance took place years prior to your divorce, it is possible that your inherited assets have not remained separate from the rest of your assets. Rather, what would otherwise be a non-marital asset, has been commingled with marital assets.

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The Importance of Experts in Complex Cases

When you enlist me as your attorney, I will carefully analyze your marital and non-marital assets. An inheritance is part of your family’s legacy that has been passed down to you. You have every right to expect to keep it. While inheritances are handled uniquely when it comes to the property division aspect of divorce, they may play into determining alimony payments. You can be certain that I will be by your side, working hard to pursue results that are fair.

You Will Have a Certified Family Law Specialist on Your Side

I am a board-certified family law specialist. This title is your proof that I am one of the select few lawyers who have met the rigorous certification requirements established by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization and Education. With my many years of experience on my side, you can be certain I can handle all matters related to inheritance and divorce.

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